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  1. Uh, no. Why? :confused:
  2. On your sig, is it a white box on the floor with two different coloured walls; or is it a multi-coloured box with a white interior and the letters written in the cut-out? :P:
  3. Haha. I just expressed my opinions and BAM, my neg status was raped
  4. Thatnks sweetiepops
  5. Strong username :yy:
  6. Lol, thanks for the picture comment. :rolleyes:
  7. Posting to say I enjoy your videos, do more rants, you're intelligent and I often learn from them.

  8. wats ur pic f bro?

    isit a game r sumtin?
  9. I actually do :lol: The first time was when someone said I looked exactly like her as we both 'looked weird but attractive' :lol: I take it as a compliment anyway, she's my top girl crush.
  10. Haha oh no I was quoting Regina Spektor! Although it does look pretty awesome! I never have people to go to festivals with anyway :lol:

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