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  1. Ello Pinda! How're you? How's uni going?

    I'm good, attempting to revise :nothing:
  2. Do I look 18?
  3. Pretty much I'm going to "blame" the stubble People say I look better with the stubble, so it stays
  4. Checked my driving licence,and Im pretty sure Im 21 Perhaps it's the stubble? And unfortunately I get that a lot Though you say it's a good thing so.....
  5. I was just messing with you
  6. Can you do me a favour? Quote leftee and the other guy who i told to shut up and say this: "Red one told me to tell you that she doesn't want to waste her last two posts on non-entities"
  7. So you chose me at random? :sad:
  8. WHy do you ask?
  9. Putting your old name in your sig defeats the who purpose of the username change..
  10. If it was a joke, I am not amused

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