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  1. It depends, mate, really.

    If you're traveling from the UK, you can take a plane down, in which case I usually pay £10-20. Nothing more then £20, and that was to Australia. The times I've got to Morzine, £10, max.
    You can also take the train down, plant your bike on and take it through that way. In which case I believe its free. However, when I took the train, I carried the frame and took off the wheels, handlebars and brakes. Took those parts in other bags and just took the frame with via carrying.
    Taking it as a whole might cost. But I wouldn't be sure. :dontknow:

    Generally, taking them is cheap. You can get specialized "bike-bags" which are handy. They usually offer 'em out when you book a bike to come with on air-travel.

    Cheap, cheerful, and I've never had any hassle. Been easy as to get them across seas.

    Cheers, as well! Morzine is brilliant! There are so many really good biking areas around Europe, its unreal!

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