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  1. Are you self studying or are you doing face to face?
  2.'re doing CFA at BPP right?Are you a british citizen or an internation student?
  3. Padwas
    Thanks so is it better to go in tax or financial control
    also can I still get into the big 4 with a accounting degree from say Brunel or must I go to lse as I don't want to commute

    by by investment manger I think you mean banker right if so how many hours a week do you work as I have heard that investment bankers work around 100 hours a week
  4. Padwas
    I have a few questions of accounting and was wondering. If you could help

    1- is there a lot of outsourcing
    2- is the pay really bad
    3- is there a low demand
    4- how much of your time is in front of a screen
    5- how good is job oppertunity it's to get to say manger role
    6- do you enjoy your job
    7- how are your work colleagues
    8- if you were not an accountant what would you be
    9- how important is uni rep when getting a job
    10- how important are the big 4

    thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I've seen you around on the Big 4 threads and I was wondering if you could give me a little bit of help in terms of my applications?
  6. Which supplier for CFA training are the best in your opinion or from what you;'ve heard. Also do you swear by these schweser notes system?

    Thank you in advance for any help
  7. Vikki1805
    Ta for the rep. :yep:
  8. You know :five: !!
  9. Ah I don't think I've ever been over there. I mostly read D&CA and, apparently (according to my postcount), H&R.
  10. I look forward to that day. Are you a new mod?

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