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  1. You have exceeded your private message quota apparently so I can't reply to your message!

    BUT i said.........
    LOL you'll do great, from what you put on G543 you should ace it!

    Mixed reviews, most struggled with section B!
    A few cocky ones, but they always fail LOL
  2. Hey wellll....

    I'm pretty much okay on most things.
    But people are saying 'methods' question.. what kind of question would this be? I have revised quite a lot so i'll know the content but i just need an example of what a method 33 marker would be.
    Also can you help me on control theory/ the difference between new right and right realism?

  3. True! Lets move our convo into PM it's hard to communicate both ways haha xx
  4. Very true, I actually have three left but oh well.. I only need one Uni to become a doctor and it doesn't matter if I don't get in because Allah has probably planned a different path for me. Aww I wish you every success too! xx
  5. Cool, we've both applied to Manchester ..very, very competitive uni! you'll get insha'allah xx
  6. Ermm ..not sure if I've heard about it or not ..I'll pm you cos I'd like to keep my identity anonymous haha ..what unis are you applying to? xx
  7. Exactly that's what I keep telling myself, everything is written for us so all we can do is to have faith Allah xx
  8. I know what you mean, we'll get through this Insha'allah.. just work hard for now xx
  9. Same her Alhamdulilah .. thank you very much! Got rejected for Manchester Uni though I expected it I am just praying that I get in a Medical school Insh'Allah. What about you, what are hoping to study? xx
  10. Wa Aleikum salaam

    Aww thank you! That's so sweet of you! Hope you're well
    Love you too for the sake of Allah (swt) xxx

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