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  1. Khallil
    The teaching is going well and I sent off my uni app just before Christmas.

    I've got the mandatory acknowledgements and an unconditional from Bristol so far.

    The hard work sounds fun. Keep attacking the brick walls and you'll make your way through! Even if it's akin to Shawshank :laugh:

    Awaiting your PM
  2. Khallil
    Last Activity :teeth: 1 Hour Ago
    Hope all is going well at uni!
  3. Hi there,

    Saw your post from the Spring Week thread regarding your offers/interviews. Was wondering when did you apply ?

    I haven got any reply from any of the banks since my application.
    In particular, Credit Suisse, Rothschild, JPM, GS and MS

  4. Yeah I was..I'm Shreena. Did you get the follow up email?
  5. That's still an A* which is well good.
  6. Hehe I love Pi

    I got 120/120 which makes me the lucky bearer of a clerical error or a freak of nature :lol: you?
  7. Did you enjoy Pi day? I made a point of reciting Pi in maths. Got to 54 dp :woo:

    Thanks although I had a rogue biology exam which spoilt it a little :lol:
  8. Well done on your A Levels looking forward to Cambridge? What are you studying?
  9. Extricated
    I've sent you a PM. Good luck brah
  10. Hey, I saw that you got an offer to study Economics at St. John's - I am think of doing the same so I was wondering if you had any tips or information that you think would be helpful? For example what sorts of maths questions were you asked if any, or whether or not you were expected to know about current affairs? Thanks

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