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  1. Hi, I got the same grades as you, BCCD, do you think i will still have a chance for medicine. This year my aunt had a bypass surgery ,my parents that to go abroad and since I'm the eldest had to look after my siblings as well as the house, and cramming my revision in at the same time. I really really want to study medicine. Should I talk to my teachers about my results, and my predicted grades.

    I still have my ukcat to do, I really need some advice, i'm really very upset thanks for your time x
  2. Helloo! Just read a bit about yourself and how you went from BCCD(I think)at AS and managed AAB overall and got into Medicine :O

    Basically I've just finished AS and managed a C in Bio, Psych, Philosophy and a D in Chemistry I know it's unlikely that I could get in for Medicine but what would say is the best option for me now? I've spoke to lots of people and some say retake your AS year while some say resit AS modules during your A2 year My GCSEs are pretty average at 12 B-grades.

    I'd very much appreciate your feedback and once again congratulations on getting in for Medicine! How many offers did you get if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Hi!

    Did you get my reply to your PM?
  4. you can read the most recent magazine, dont think you can see the old ones
    yeahh ive sortof swotted up on their latest research just in case but i doubt i would be able to bring it up in interview
    i dont really have time to do practice interviews between now and wednesday haha, but oh well, il just have to try and be confident..never easy but hey
    im glad theyre friendly did you get any ethical questions in your interview last time?
  5. hey i also saw that you had some past interview questions for leeds could you possibly pm me them too?! thank you! x
  6. hello i saw on the leeds thread you said you had some past interview questions, could you possibly pm me them? thankyou very much
    also i saw you are from gateshead! newcastle,wheyyy, i did some work experience at the QE lol xx
  7. thank you, thats so helpful! i have now looked at the medicine matters magazine too haha
    ahh i hope it goes well, i messed up my cardiff one...and leeds is like my top choice anyway..fingers crossed!
  8. Hi, i saw in the leeds thread that you said you missed your grade. I'm worried about doing that :/ just wondering what you did? cos i've heard that some med schools dont allow you to take exams out of your 2 years of a level (i.e. cant resit after getting results in Aug) sorry things like this really confuse me. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you
  9. conorcd
    they don't seem to be going in any sort of order this year. I'm undergrad and my ukcat this year is 683 but I was interviewed on Thursday. other people with higher ukcat scores haven't been called yet. as long as you are 675 or above, you will def get an interview. they may drop the cut-off later.
  10. Hey. I'm sorry to disturb you. I saw your post : "I was interviewed in Febs they go from highest ukcat score first . they went on til end of March last year I think. "
    I was wondering if you applied as an undergraduate and what was your ukcat score?

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