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    Where I study
    The University of Leeds
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    About me
    My passion is cinema and television, and I don't care how long it takes for me to make a decent living wage off of it, I'm gonna work my ass off :P

    My favourite things are creating and learning.
    I think everything is beautiful.
    My opinions often clash with each other.
    Scratch that, I have no opinions. Just a jumble of facts and ideas that aren't necessarily mine.

    I like to think.
    But my mind terrifies me.

    I ramble on and on incoherently about random things that nobody cares about.

    I'm very random.
    I don't understand myself.

    I've been told I am very funny.
    My dry wit causes bitches to swoon.
    I've been told I am very caring.
    I am chubby and cuddly but I don't like touching people.
    I have a terrible memory.
    I'm too paranoid to use my camera away from my house in case it gets stolen!

    I have a very low opinion of myself.
    Often people tell me I am talented, but it's taken me 18 years to finally admit that I am maybe sort of a little bit good at:
    1) Film-making
    2) Drawing
    3) Writing (albeit old-fashioned)
    4) Learning?

    I think I must be insane. I've categorized myself with Hypersensitive Avoidant Personality Disorder.
    I dunno. Maybe I just want an excuse for my abnormality.
    I also got 30 on the autism spectrum quotient test. I've never been checked but I don't have any ******* reading expressions so...

    I'm pretty poor.
    I get lonely, as people with a mind like me always are.
    But nevertheless,
    I'm very happy
    Academic Info
    A Levels:

    A* (378/400 ;D)
    A (I was 3 marks off an A*!! :'O)

    Extended Project: B


    AS Levels:

    A (191/200 yeaahhh! XD)



    A*, A, B, B, B, B, B, Merit (B), Merit (B), C, C, F.

    The Cs were in Fine Art and Ceramics... :/
    The F was my chavvy lay-about Drama classmate's fault! But I feel kinda bad-ass having one !

    Duke of Edinburgh Award: Skills Section? (it's awkward cause I had no idea I'd be getting one) :P
    Film-making and television is my passion. I also love writing, art, philosophy, history, music, deduction, forensics, other crime/detective-related practices, psychology, geeky things, Tribbles, 1920-50s, spying on people and very many other things ranging from mimicking fictional characters to political debate to stepping on things to serial killers.

    I also collect husbands and own a brothel
    Firm= UNIVERSITY Of LEEDS: BA Cinema + Photography
    Insurance= University of Lincoln: BA Media Production

    I wanted to 'insure' Uni of Westminster but they offered me the wrong course SSSSS

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