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  1. PRSOM, Really laughed at your post about maybe being on a police watchlist now :lol:
  2. Hey Psyk, just letting you know I fixed my DS. My SD card was corrupted so once I changed it, it was all good.
  3. Hi. I'm sorry to be pestering you but I don't get how to read some data from a file I've created. I made a separate thread for it but haven't got any help yet. I'll paste the link here as well
    Could you please just look into it if its not a bother. Thanks.
  4. Hey I see you're a games programmer, what was your starting salary?
  5. Oh ok I thought you sent me a request lol!

    I'm good thanks,just revising
  6. Hi Psyk, I saw your request so i just accepted it! How are you?
  7. Hi Psyk :hello:,

    There's this user I replied to on TSR about taking CS, and I think he could gain from some of your opinions if he wants to pursue another undergraduate degree; mind me quoting you so that you could see his thread?
  8. Hi Psyk
    May I pls have a bit of help? I'm new to this app but I think it has potential to be of great assistance thing is I don't know how to get started with asking other students for help. May have some assistance? I have a statistics assignment that I'd like to ask about... :-S
  9. Hi. Look what I just stumbled across
  10. hey
    please could u add me coz im new and want some mates to chat too

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    Studied Computer Science at Bristol University.

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