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  1. Damn :grumble: well one day who knows? And you're welcome, I was glad to have helped :yep:

    Oh that's good, let me know what response you get
  2. Those were some very odd cases I reported there, particularly two of them :eek: Plus, I basically saw the mods section in an odd way, which is kinda cool. It's possibly a sign :cool:

    Really though, perhaps the testing team should know about those two odd cases? :beard:
  3. reply to my post homie
  4. snow leopard
    Could you please move my thread to the maths section? Posted it in maths exams accidentally...
  5. I'm loving your display picture.

  6. it's actually biology :giggle: (thought you were a science nerd)
  7. hi didn't have much look with my thread on this question..

    describe how hydrogen bonding occurs between water molecule, and relate this, and other properties of water, to the roles of water in living organisms?

  8. Hello! Hope you don't mind me asking but what's the Tresemme product you use that you mentioned in the thread? Thanks
  9. I mean for A-levels ..kidney chapter is just a torture ..I have found some tho at the end of the chapter (textbook) but dont have the answers to it

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    10 GCSEs, 3 A levels (Bio, Chem, Psych) and BSc Molecular Biology (2.1(Hons)) from Birkbeck, University of London. Currently working in biological research.
    Science, sci-fi, anime, other geekery, cocktails, gin, Linux, baking/cooking, caffeine, etc.

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