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    Every time I come back, I'm a little bit less
    Patron saint of burning bridges
    Don't bother looking, I am already broken
    About me
    Cool. :snow:

    make up your mind
    (Original post by Mist786)
    Black guys can be scary at times but the scariest/creepiest black guy I know is you.
    (Original post by ct2k7)
    ​Actually I wanted to tell you that I find you to be amazing, but I didn't want to PM you.
    (Original post by Crazy Paving)
    + polarity -, did anyone ever tell you you're really weird? :mmm:
    (Original post by yepyepyep)
    May I tell you Polarity that you're adorable?
    (Original post by Ladipidoo)
    You actually look like a cute 12 y/o. I almost want to mother you. :emog:
    (Original post by Iamyourfather)
    Right now you're seeming like a majestic entity who lives in cyber-space.
    (Original post by Mastermind`)
    and i said you were the coolest guy ever :cool:
    (Original post by In2deep)
    I don't get him either but that's what makes him so cool :ahee:
    (Original post by Crazy Paving)
    Polarity is an inspiration to us all. :daydreaming:
    (Original post by zjs)
    You're my religion, J. :daydreaming:


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