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  1. Hey

    How are you doing?
  2. In reply to your post on the smart people dumb careers thread, I thought I'd put that(about uni experience), it seems the only reason to me to choice to study A+F.
  3. I was an atheist a while ago when I questioned my beliefs
  4. oi oi
  5. I am very fond of your signature. Hamsters are probably my favorite animal.
  6. Hey it's ok Yeah I'm a Rainbows and Brownies leader now, uni is going ok thanks for asking. How you been?
  7. Thanks Cherry for the rep. I didn't know u're from/in Nigeria!
  8. Yeah! I was listening to the song when I was making my account
  9. Ideally something that I can gain skills I can transfer to teaching but its too late to work with kids as I may not get my crb in time. I've done some in the past what kind have you done? Where do you want to go next?
  10. What kind of jobs you looking for? I'm off uni til Sept so looing into some voluntary work to keep me busy til then. Happy for you

About Me

  • About CherryCherryBoomBoom

    Where I study
    Uni of life
    Star Sign
    About me
    Hiya, I'm addicted to music, YouTube, and TSR . I also love shopping and going places, and I laugh a lot. I am a bit of a artist too, as I love drawing, and I'm also addicted to DeviantArt.

    I've been told a lot that I'm a nice person, which I suppose is true. I just find it easier to be nice to people than nasty (unless otherwise prompted of course ). I like chatting to friendly people, so if you are one, feel free to start a conversation . Preferably via my wall if it's nothing private, as my TSR inbox tends to get filled up rather quickly. But private message me if you'd rather, and ask me for my Skype or MSN if you want

    Thanks to everyone who has given me good rep :top:

    A poem by Sango :)

    Damn you the girl,
    Who I wanna take for a whirl, :dancing:
    Whilst GaGa is blasting in the park,
    Then we can dance in the dark.
    You braid your hair like a true black chick,
    You know how to deal a good kick.
    So you and I could have a bad romance, :hugs:
    And leave me in a massive trance.
    I keep calling you on the telephone,
    And snuggle you till you smell my cologne.
    Come to my house where the beat is sick,
    My word you are the greatest chick.
    Don’t call my name Alejandro,
    Just whisper to me “Oh Sango…” :sexface:

    GaGa gives me a shoutout :)

    The song is a decent representation of my internet addiction
    Academic Info
    Did some GCSEs and A/AS Levels at school.

    Did Business Administration Level 3 and a few other secretarial qualifications at college.

    Currently working but looking for more paid work to supplement it. I'm finding it so damn difficult to get one though :mad:.

    If anyone reading this could help me at all with getting a job, I would be forever grateful, and if successful I'll even rep you every month if you like, or something better

    Pop, R&B, hip hop, electronic, etc

    P.S. I love to dance :banana:


    Desperate Housewives, America's Next Top Model, The X Factor, Skins, 90210, The Wright Stuff, The Only Way is Essex, and loads more...

    I'm also really into interesting documentaries :beard:


    I'm not a big film buff, and I don't really have specific fave films, but the genres I tend to like are:

    Drama, Chick flick, Comedy, Musical, Thriller, Fantasy
    Angry Birds: I agree with this:


    In the words of the late Amy W: what kind of ****ery is this? :lolwut: Is that a pos rep, neg rep, post rep, personal rep, or what?? :curious:

    Beautiful piano music

    They are absolutely amazing :love:

    GIFs I made :)

    Pharrell Williams, Santogold and Julian Casablancas - My Drive Thru

    Gwen Stefani - Luxurious

    Sky Ferreira - One

    Auburn Williams in Michelle Phan's red lipstick tutorial video

    Yeo Valley Owl

    Sypnosis of my TV show idea based on the life of TSR member tehFrance
    (Original post by CherryCherryBoomBoom)
    Yes, a show where this egotistical, good-looking, promiscuous, rich guy in his early twenties has a seemingly awesome life until he gets 10 women pregnant, and they all milk him for child support. Then he find out he has crabs, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV. Sinks into a depressive stupor and drinks himself silly to mask the pain. Decides to get into his car to drive home to France, and then in an drunken accident ends up driving right off the cliffs of Dover. The end :ahee:

    Not that I wish any of this on you :p:, but please for the love of god be careful!

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