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  1. Hello! I hope you don't mind me messaging you, but from what I can see of your posts you have a lot of experience of education in Germany. I live in England and am currently studying French, German, English and Maths at A-level. I am hoping to study in Germany. At the moment I am looking at doing modern languages (French plus a new language ab itition) at Humboldt University Berlin. Do you have any experience of the quality of teaching at Humboldt? I intend to spend a year in Germany prior to starting my degree, in order to improve my German and get used to to culture. During this year, I would like to take a German language course. Do you have any recommendations of courses? I've heard Heidelberg run German as a foreign language courses.

    Many thanks, Voyageuse
  2. Hey, I have seen some the great advice you give to people who are dealing with health problems... and I think you are pretty great.
  3. Hi,

    I'm going to Gottingen next month and giving a 60-minute presentation of my dissertation. I'm concerned that my potential supervisor may have too high expectations for the dissertation (he should have no reason to, I'm being paranoid, but I'd like to make 100% certain). In Manchester (where I did my degree), there is no original maths in the dissertation (although perhaps there may be one exceptional student every few years or so, I don't know); it is maths that has already been done before; the presentation of it constitutes the dissertation. I am scared that my potential supervisor expects my dissertation to contain original maths. I was hoping to find a maths student at Gottingen, so that he/she could confirm for me the standard of dissertation there (i.e. whether or not a standard dissertation there contains original maths). Would you have any idea? Or perhaps know someone that you could ask?


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