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  1. so what is hygge? :cookie:
  2. haha, that one is particularly special. Even more paranoid than you :p:
  3. hahaha, yea. So many. Which one are you referring to in this instance? :teehee:
  4. :woo: Meine Dänische Tante folgt mich jetzt This has made my day! x'P
  5. Roney, waarom volg jij mij niet terug? :cry2:
  6. I have no idea wtf I did to make you feel so insecure, but sorry :sad:
  7. I can certainly relate to that :lol: But I think you definitely won this time
  8. I've been meaning to say for ages how good your contributions to threads are. Your argument with 2ndClass just reminded me of this.
  9. Hello Ronove!

    Although I have thought you give me an answer in German, I have understand you well. I would love to see how good your German is, but if you want to communicate with me in English, so I do this favor just for you. As you was living a long time in Germany - I think so at least - I would love to know what your impression about Germans is. Have you made any negative experiences with Germans?
  10. Hallo Ronove!

    Ich würde zu gerne wissen, wann du das erste Mal in Dänemark warst und warum. Wann hast du angefangen, dich ernsthaft für die deutsche und dänische Sprache zu interessieren? Was findest du vor allem an der deutschen Sprache so interessant?

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