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  1. Test VM
  2. Oh I see. How do you think the practices went?

    Good luck with the exams in June then. You've 2 months. I think that should give you enough time. I hope the language won't be an issue though.

    Speak of the devil. I hope the Danish goes well. Are you expected to be native level for the listening Danish on the 4th?

    Oh, I see. The oral exams are just to prove that you're competent but it's really ur English qualifications that'll get you in. Is there a reason you can't apply to multiple cities? Is it because you have to prepare jobs there with your partner?

    Awww. Hopefully you'll have nothing to worry about. If it has jumped up though, could you score some Danish points by taking another qualification?
  3. What's up?

    I've been seeing you increasingly in med (foreign) threads.

    What is the situ? Decided yet? What is u going to do in September?

    U good?
  4. Heyo
  5. so what is hygge? :cookie:
  6. haha, that one is particularly special. Even more paranoid than you :p:
  7. hahaha, yea. So many. Which one are you referring to in this instance? :teehee:
  8. :woo: Meine Dänische Tante folgt mich jetzt This has made my day! x'P
  9. Roney, waarom volg jij mij niet terug? :cry2:
  10. I have no idea wtf I did to make you feel so insecure, but sorry :sad:

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