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  1. Why thank you for the add lol! But I thought we were already friends on here?

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    Charley Messenger
    Where I study
    De Montfort University
    Star Sign
    About me
    (Taken From My Facebook Page, People Can Add Me On There, I Generally Add People Providing They Aren't Facebook-Stalker Types Lol)

    ~So I'm Basically Your Average Teenage Girl.....My Hair Never Goes The Way I Want It To....My Room Never Stays Tidy For Long....Yeah I Have A *Slight* Attitude Problem.....And Theres This Guy I'm Absolutely Crazy About......

    I'm A Mac And Proud.... I'm Crazy And Live In My Own Fairytale With My Prince....And The Square Root Of Me Is Yoghurt According To Ben...

    I'm Really Nocturnal. Some People Call It Insomnia...I Just Call It Unable To Sleep Because I stay Up Till Stupid O'Clock.....
    I'm Not As Robotic As I Sometimes Seem.
    I Don't Eat Any Meat Except Fish, Which I Wouldn't Eat If I Had My Way
    I Feel Like I Disappoint People Alot. And I Really Hate It.
    I Don't Like To Depend On Other People. I Rely On Myself, So When Something Goes Wrong It's My Fault.
    Sometimes I Think I'm Really Boring And Sometimes I Scare Myself With Some Of The Things I Do Or Come Out With
    I Don't Say I Love You Enough, But When I Do Say It I Mean It.
    I Have Random Mood Swings. And Have Been Told I May Be Bi-Polar.
    So Far My Purpose Is Turning Oxygen Into Carbon Dioxide.
    I Think I'm Unique. Call Me Crazy I Don't Care.
    I Think Normal People Are Boring, They're So Blah.
    I Think Everything Happens For A Reason. And Don't Believe In Coinscidences ?
    Academic Info
    I Went To West Suffolk College Studying First Diploma Applied Science The National Diploma Applied Science (Forensic Science). In Septmeber I Am Going To Attend DeMontfort University In Leicester Studying Forensic Science.
    Hanging out with my Fantastical friends [The Newmarket Guys And Troy, And The College Guys], Spending time with my Niece and Nephews. Family Occasions. Going To Parties. Going to the movies. Drawing, Painting, Writing, Journalling, Modelling....Scrapbooking all that arty stuff. Watching TV upside-down is quite fun too.......Listening to Music.....

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