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  1. Hey.. have you changed your name O.o :L

    Anyway.. I was gonna ask if you could proof-read my essay and make it flow better (40% of my mark) because you got me an A with my GCSE story haha
  2. If you ask in the 'Ask a Mod' section of the site, then a moderator should be able to help you out with your question about usernames. This might help guide you to the right place:
  3. oh my :fan: u a singer?
  4. hey! Sorry for the very late reply, I think I managed to post my reply to your comment on my own page (N) ultimate fail! I did get an offer from Swansea and it's still my insurance. I haven't been able to find many people who've applied there either! Poor Swansea x
  5. Very well, my new TSR is 'Miracle Day'

    I owe you one x
  6. thank you ahaa
    oh that's pretty cool, who do you like covering? guessing you perform live? major jealous, i've never had the balls!
    yeah i've been playing for a while now love playing like bluesy kind of stuff and reggae at the moment, can't write lyrics to save my life though :')
  7. ahh yay! sam bean is such a god :love:

    you're gorgeous by the way, no homo, what kind of stuff do you play?
  8. I've never met a guitarist who actually owned all the guitars they have around the house, myself included!
  9. Hey, how are you? I must say you're a beautiful woman with several beautiful guitars!
  10. Can't have so many professional-taken pictures of your singing and not link us to some of your music!

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