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  1. From your sig "* It takes 4 minutes to get hard. Only 2 minutes to get soft." - 4 minutes is a soft boiled egg! 2 mins will be hardly cooked

    Also: eggs ftw

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    About me
    Not much to say really, you'll get more knowing me in real life™

    Regardless I'll go on. I'm studying a Masters in Chemistry at Nottingham Uni

    As is typical of a student I'm lazy, fairly poor (and going to get poorer with the next 4 years on the way) and drink far too much tea. But then I love tea. I love the rain which is good since I live in England. For those not in the know we have two seasons - The rainy season and the first two weeks in July. I'm also fairly cynical and sarcastic, although I like to think I'm getting better. Although probably not.

    I like the odd drink but I'm not an extremely heavy drinker. You know unless someone else is supplying the alcohol in which case crack out the Jack Daniels.

    Apart from that I'm into Xbox, hanging out with friends and the usual crap. I plan to take up Archery again soon and might even re-learn how to play Guitar and/or Piano. Who knows?

    Well I'll see you around, no?
    Academic Info
    12 GCSEs A-C - 2As, 6Bs, 2Cs

    AS Levels - BBB in Biology, Chemistry and History (Frigging one mark off an A -.-), A in Psychology

    A2s - Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology. (BBBA)

    I chose them all as they all end in a Y...
    Comedy - Dara O' Brien, Russel Howard, Andy Parsons and more.
    TV - Scrubs, Two and a Half Men. About all I watch really.
    Movies - Lots! District 9 rocks by the way

    I also like writing and indulging any odd crap that I fancy doing when my insomnia denys me sleep.
    Sick Puppies
    Poets of the Fall
    Foo Fighters
    The Exiles
    Stephen Lynch
    12 Stones
    Course of Nature
    Alter Bridge
    And many more

    Oh and the odd Take That song :p:

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