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  1. Same heard from 4 of mine waiting for Lincoln!
    Yeah well its only been 2 weeks from oxford and they said 3-4 so still a while!!
    As for last week i think it went ok i was certainly a lot more confident then YSJ but after that you never really know the outcome!!
    Same desperate for an offer now especially as with my friends they are coming in fast!!!
    I've added you on facebook!! xxxx
  2. ooh yes i have !! Well we can talk on both!!! Whats your fb name?
    Oh that must be annoying!!
    I am sure it was fine, i know what you mean you come out thinking i so should have said that etc!!
    OOhh does that mean you've heard back from them all now? Are they before christmas or after?
    Yeah not bad had an interview at Winchester last week and am waiting to hear from Oxford Brookes but growing impatient and nervous and then havent got an interview at Leeds till January time they said the interviews could be as late as March so have a while to wait for them!!
  3. Oh hey!! Yeah i am so sorry life has just been so hectic at the moment!! I am good thank you, you? Heard anything from YSJ?
    How is the Uni interview/offers going??
  4. I know :/ But i want it to be a long time because i am so scared that it is going to be a 'unsuccessful' again!
    Have you heard anything from York yet?
    Nope she was rubbish and didnt ask me anything so i had no time to say anything i think she was just doing it as quickly as she could!!
    I spose knowing what they are, having some opinion on them and thats all you can really say i suppose, oh and advantages of them- freedom of curriculum, pupils in rural areas not having to travel miles to a primary school, Disadvantages- taking money away from state schools and also taking pupils away.
    Nah you're not at all!!! Also another thing you could mention is about the new national curriculum and how the government are considering introducing a new test in PE at primary level which i personally think is ridiculous as there are far too many tests for children and they dont need the stress.
    I cant really think of anything else!
  5. Thanks !!! Umm like 3-4 weeks!
    Exactly its actually not!! They only have to impress people with their grades not with everything else aswell!!
    I didnt even talk about education issues at york when did you talk about them??
    Umm i spose things like free schools and the change in the national curriculum!
    What about you?? xxxx
  6. Thanks it will just be interesting to know! Ha thanks, fingers crossed!!
    Oh no :/ Im sure you will think of something!
    For mine i taught them how to make a christmas cracker !!!
    I know its such a competitive course but no one outside of the course seems to know this!! None of my friends realise how hard it is!
  7. Have you i was tempted! Please let me know if they email you back!
    Well you have to do it in a particular subject so im doing weather in geography!
    What are you going to teach them! I had to do something similar last week at Oxford Brookes!
    Thats the other thing i am frightened that everywhere else is going to reject me too!
    A science test? Thats hard!
    Awwh cool they sounds like nice places!
    I've also applied to Oxford Brookes, Winchester, Leeds Trinity and Lincoln (Bishops G.) xxx
  8. Exactly
    It is so hard though to move on!
    Well i have to prepare a presentation and think of an educational issue to write about.
    How are you preparing for Hull?
    Where else have you applied again? xxx
  9. Okay so i just wrote a message but i don't think it posted!!
    Yeah same here, i just cried when i read it :/
    Im sure you will! Umm i have one at Winchester on Wednesday!
    I think York are so oversubscribed that they can afford to be VERY picky!!! xxx
  10. Hi,
    Oh Same here i am so upset just because it really disheartens you for the rest of the interviews!
    I think they were very picky!
    How are you feeling? When is your next interview again? xx

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