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  1. oh ****
  2. :rofl:
  3. I hope you're listening to them on groove shark if you like them. If you want a load of their singles you should get Push Barman To Open Old Wounds.
  4. oh hi
  5. :puke:

    It pains me that engineers would be in essentially the same place as... chemists
  6. Chemistry was the one I hated :yep:

    What are you studying? It wouldn't make sense for you to be studying Physics if you hated it so I doubt it's that...
  7. It's my research project.

    :nah: Mech Eng!
  8. slaving away on my report

    which is now late ;_;
  9. 5 pages?! :adore:

    Four 10s, five 15s

    also hi.

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