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  1. im fine…how are you?
  2. Vikki1805
    True say, I'm trying to worry less and stop over thinking everything.

    'Whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see..." :moon:
  3. Vikki1805
    It rarely does good by me to be honest. I don't just over think things though, I overly worry about things too!
  4. Vikki1805
    I do too about some things, does my head in sometimes! :sigh:
  5. Vikki1805
    Ooh Lilium? I'm not sure I hadn't noticed any, is it under the comments? Probably just people being annoying I imagine?
  6. Vikki1805
    Troll comments on who's account?
  7. Vikki1805
    A months sub would do me fine :smug:

    No problem, I just hope it works for you! You'll have to let me know once you've tried it and how it goes!
  8. Vikki1805
    Aha a years sub? Blimey! And yes that sounded slightly dodgy... :nothing: - Male voice - This girl is known pretty well for her whispering videos, she is really good, she left for a while and people went insane because they couldn't sleep without hr videos! - Female voice
  9. Vikki1805
    Try the whispering videos, seriously they work for me So you never know?
    Most people go through a stage of having an awful sleeping pattern, but once you're in it, it's hard to get out of.
    Try doing something chilled out before sleeping, don't watch Tv or go on your computer as they make you more awake.

    I am an honest bitch, I'm lufferly really and we all know it! :smug:
    Of course there are far worse people than myself lol!
    I'd like to think I'm a pretty nice lass deep down.
  10. Vikki1805
    Wow that sucks, have you got a lot on your mind? That could be causing your sleep to be so messed up. I often listen to "Relaxation Whisper" videos on Youtube, sounds a little odd but they really help me doze off.
    My sleeping pattern is pretty normal now, I sleep from around 2am until around 10am, which works quite well for me.
    Growing up? That's good! In what way?
    I wouldn't say I have changed all that much, appearance wise a little perhaps but personality wise not a lot. Still a bitch

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