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  1. Is that you in the pic?
  2. I was staring at your siggy for two minutes straight :h:
  3. I like you
  4. 8mm... the movie starring Nicolas Cage. The quote in your signature was originally from the movie, so I assumed that you had seen it, hence the question. Although alternatively you haven't seen the movie and instead found the quote through those lovely Suicide Commando chaps.
  5. what did you think about 8mm?
  6. Alright well thank you for your information .
    Who knows, the time tables might change!
    Also, are you going to do the 1 year work exp/ masters?
  7. Hey!
    See you in september/oct sometime, I'll give you a bump... I'm doing your exact course in 2011, what path did you take and is the course any good?
  8. been looking at your give great relationship advice (:
  9. ahah ok. but u are studing game stech though by the way I like open minded people.

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    I'm nothing special really. Studying Games Technology at Portsmouth A risky subject I know, but I have the power to succeed.
    Academic Info
    Hmm 11 or so GCSEs A*-B.
    Maths AS- C :{
    3 A levels - A* - Graphics, A- Art, A- ICT.
    digital art, music- industrial/ebm/metal, anime and etc

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