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  1. Must be fun being from China
  2. Hey.. yeah I know, lol. The best thing to do is ignore now. I'm just too lazy to explain to everyone! Do you really get it that much though?
  3. Haha, I don't hate you! When did i say that??? Also technically I'm not fully African...why does everyone just assume??? Lol.
  4. Haha okay I shall call you Rain oppa from now on
    Nice to meet you!
  5. who are you?
  6. Ahh, right... a tad bit obsessive?
  7. What's with all the East Asian girls? Lol
  8. Pensivedore
    Just don't blink. :P
  9. You consider me a racist for being mindful of another culture's customs? If I went to another country I would try and be respectful and not put my foot in my mouth. The same applies to talking to someone who I'm not familiar with. I fail to see how trying to be polite is racist. Everyone has their own etiquette and social norms. If I simply put my feet onto a desk or chair I would be considered extremely rude in Thailand for example, but I would think nothing of doing it here.
  10. I am not dumb. I am laughing, Bro. :rolleyes: You are obsessed over Korean girls. Learn Korean, go to Korea and date a Korean girl. Then get back to me. Understood?

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