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  1. nataliekwong
    I think id make a really bad research scientist tbqh D:
    Anyway, hows your xmas been?
    Do you learn chinese?
  2. nataliekwong
    ohh, he had this terminal illness thing, and didnt tell me because he knew id be upset. so i think it was something that was there when he was little.
  3. nataliekwong
    'cos when my mate died a few years ago, i felt helpless o.o
  4. nataliekwong
    LOL yeah i know, hence the reason why i changed to a top private school for my sixth form studies
    I think i might take chem, bio, maths, history and physics.
    provided that i meet my extra curricular offers, i will be able to study them
    where did you go for sixth form
  5. nataliekwong
    Im studying GCSEs, errrrm, the compulsory subjects plus history, graphics etc xD
    I wanna do med D:
  6. nataliekwong
    im still in year 11 xDD
    what do you study in uni?
  7. nataliekwong
    im based in ruislip/harrow xD
    you taking alevels/gcse/uni?
  8. nataliekwong
    LOL yeahhh
    where bouts you? Im in london.
  9. eh?
  10. She's alright, but Song Jina still triumphs <3
    gosh Korean girls are the best

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