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  1. Hey, it's been a pretty rubbish 3 years, but I had a grades ******* so had no other choice really.

    If you've got no offers I wouldn't take the grad route as a first option, have you thought about taking a gap year? Grads have to fund themselves for a 2nd degree, and with the fees rise I wouldn't want to take the risk of having to come up with at least 30 grand!
    Also it's a pretty rough ride, I know a fair few people that have applied as grads and not got any offers, so it's not the easy back-door option people seem to think it is!
  2. Hey what do you want to know about the A2 biology ISA?
  3. you just put the plastic sheet over the petri dish, label the sheet with coordinates, pick random numbers for the coordinates and count the no of colonies in that square. by the end i was just making them up tho cos there's like 70-100 in each tiny square =/
  4. Erm.. for the stats part use the standard error formula!
    I haven't yet done the written part yet. But I'll get back to you when I have (on Tuesday)..
  5. yeah I have, but it was back in november so i honestly cannot remember, sorry!
    only question i can remember - why did you add 200 cm3 of sterile water to the yeast, which our teacher said was to dilute the yeast the yeast sample (most of us went for the "sterile" factor which apparently wasn't what they were looking for)

    sorry i can't be more help

    ps. any chance you've done the fruit juice AS ISA?
  6. No, sorry. I went to the one in February. Why do you ask?
  7. wwow 14 out of 15 is great, did you get K, and have you done the complex of copper qualtatitive one yet?
  8. sorry mate, i did not chcek my profile til now, hope it went well for you!
  9. I'm an AS student. And I don't have access to anything of that type.

    Either way, I'm not giving answers to formally assessed papers.
  10. You're doing both AS and A2 Biology? In one year?
    All I can recommend is reading how science works sections and thinking about them in the nelson thornes book. It is full of HSW questions which people don't go over, thats what they're there for. If you need specific content help feel free to ask

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