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  1. Haha sorry it's not me, you'll have to keep me informed about your skype meetings, I haven't signed up to it or know how it works xD
  2. OCR? i may not be the one to ask...
    Is that what you mean? I'm assuming you're on AQA
  4. What link? You kinda need to tell me what you're trying to find in order for me to help you find it. If you're after the AQA Biology rubbish, it's in my 'About Me' section (unless you're after the alternative textbook answers, in which case I don't have them any more and TSR may well have deleted them. Try searching my name in the thread I presume you quoted me from?)
  5. Sorry I don't have it
  6. No they have dedicated 4 year courses which are extremely difficult to get onto. I know Liverpool, UCLan, Kings, and Peninsula definitely have them, you'll have to look at the websites for the others. It'll be written on there as the grad course is completely separate.
    There's no guarantee they'll accept you with a degree either, like I said I have friends who've been rejected with a degree. They don't use grades to make their decision (as most applicants have AAA) it's your personal statement that matters.
  7. thank you but this is my second application i am on a gap yr as i didnt get in first time!
  8. Lol no skype or anything, this laptop barely works so am waiting til I get the new one for skype and stuff!
    No they won't take you I tried and I was on a first bu they said no. And getting onto the 4 year course is really difficult, there's about 5 uni's that do it with about 20 places, it's really competitive! I'm doing the 5 year course, as are most people I know.
  9. Hey can you tell me what I should revise for task 3 A2 Bio pleasseeee?
  10. I don't have msn i'm afraid, sorry!
    Dental schools won't take you if you're already on a course so you can't apply while doing biomed (I tried, they wouldn't let me). I wouldn't say having a degree gives you an advantage tbh, the people who receive most offers are those who've taken gap years etc, it gives you more time to get work experience and voluntary work. Makes your application stronger I think! =)

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