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  1. I just wanted to say...your About Me section....I-I could have written it! I want to have a coffee shop as well! With aromatherapy! And I like gothic romance and walking on the beach and I like cooking! Amazing!

    Just sayin'

    Stay cool
  2. hello anyone?
  3. hi there i would like some help in regards to creating an article?
  4. Congratulations on the Student in a Million award! Well deserved. :awesome:
  5. wow, you very a very cute child :cute:
  6. Been modded for about a month now, so yeah not too long. Thank you :-). I remember you posted around fitness a bit, are you still trying to lose weight yourself? You'd be very welcome back if you want to join us again xx
  7. Welcome to the mod team and congrats! xx
  8. Welcome to the mod team
  9. Why thank you! Which post was it?

About Me

  • About daisydaffodil

    Where I study
    Aberdeen Uni
    Fluid. I don't label.
    Star Sign
    About me
    I am probably not the most exciting person you'll meet but I like to think I entertain!

    I like to play Mummy - I have a habit of calling everyone pet names, and making sure everyone is alright and happy

    Related to that - I like to cook (terribly, see below, I am *not* a good cook and usually have several anxious people hovering next to me), clean and make endless cups of tea. Just call me Mrs Doyle.

    I'm dyspraxic, I also suffer from what my doctor's calling chronic anxiety syndrome. Have bouts of depression too. I'm also a carer of sorts - my mum has a seizure disorder (not epilepsy but similar) and multiple health difficulties, my wee sister has severe autism. I'm happy to chat about anything relating to that.

    I have also had several gynaecological problems and am willing to blether about that sort of thing.

    I am *terrible* for replying to people but rest assured I usually do, eventually. I read every PM I get - you people are beautiful

    If you recognise me - lovely, PM. If not - PM anyway, I like meeting new humans..
    Academic Info
    I'm studying English and Linguistics at Aberdeen University. I've also done anthropology, childcare, primary education.. I'm hoping to one day run my own business - my ultimate goal is to own a coffeeshop where I sell crafts and relaxation/aromatherapy goodies. I'd ideally like a two floor building where I can practice massage, aromatherapy, various holistic therapies, etc upstairs and do the shop stuff downstairs. I can dream..
    I love long walks in the country, painting, cooking. I love Scottish history and am keen on genealogy. I have an Ancestry profile.. I love old fashioned things - I fancy doing up a croft when I'm older in Edwardian/Victorian style. I love Beatrix Potter - we share a birthday - and I love Disney movies (the old ones). I also love gothic romance novels, or tragic novels (i.e. Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Jane Eyre). I collect a lot of different things and have quite a love for music boxes. I'm also probably the oldest fan of In The Night Garden and have finally found a talking Makka Pakka! I also love Chanel items and House of Fraser clothing.

    Also quite like Indie Pop music - Strawberry Whiplash were a new discovery the other day.. I highly reccomend sticking a band name in youtube and working your way through the side bar of related videos as you never know what might come up!

    I run my own radio show every Tuesday, 4-5pm, during term time through Aberdeen Student Radio.

    I'm also Catholic - my faith's a big part of my life.

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