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  1. Hi there - you seem really experienced with the whole "university process" and was wondering if you could answer a few questions.

    In your opinion, what kind of grades at GCSE and A2 predictions would I need to have a 'realistic' shot at Cambridge. With that in mind if I didn't have the required GCSE grades should I perhaps, retake some? And would these retakes be considered detrimental?

    Sorry I know it's a bit out of the blue=p
  2. Yeah it'd be cool to meet her

    Did pharmacology, i did meet people, but i'm making all the effort, i doubt we'll see each other after i leave

    sorry for the late was really tiring lol
  3. I do like listening to the dreaming(song) occasionally lol...its so bonkers
    I like sat in your lap,leave it open,all the love and get out of my house. I really like the album art.My fave album though is Hounds of love....i have infinite love for wuthering heights

    I wanted to leave from the get go but issues at home prevnted me from doing so
    I am not returning for year 2 and am reapplying for year 2013 entry

    Cool,RHUL is really good, not like the dump i went to
    what language
  4. Oh yeah:teehee:
    Your the first person to acknowledge that
    Loved the album title

    I was at uni...but lots of stuff happened (i did pass the year though)
    I need to find out what i can do well and for the next 40 years lol
    What about you?
  5. Haha

    Nope..i just really like her music
    How did you know?
  6. Kate Bush?
  7. I'm an international student. It was OK. I just followed their instructions. Which accommodation did you get?
  8. Both probably. Did you get your accommodation sorted out yet?
  9. Well, hopefully nothing, but do have gotten me enrolled into physics with philosophy. Et tu?
  10. I thought it always rained, shows how much I know! To invent a time travel machine would be amazing!! Then we could go to the beginning of the world to see what really happened! I feel so silly, I had to Google what the Musee d'Orsay was... looks like a nice place to work though. I don't know what to do, because if I check my emails first, then I might get really depressed when going to school or I may not even go, but if I go to the school first, then the whole journey I'd be thinking, "I could just check my emails."

    The cleaners are going to be my new best friends! But I'd always be worried that they'd be snooping through my stuff...

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    Funny things. Guffawings and chucklings are always welcome impulses. The Nova Scotian in Nancy Mitford. Chagall. Toulouse Lautrec mon cheri. Etc.

    Also Bowie!

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