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  1. How did you get into it lol?
  2. What is your goal? To build muscle?

    Sorry for the questions I've just never spoke to a woman who lifts weights before and I find it kind of interesting.
  3. Do you bodybuild?
  4. I must have done it accidently on my iPod, I don't see any reason to neg that post, I'll rep you when I can.
  5. What? I havent negged you Which thread?
  6. Best member of TSR by a long way(srs) actually win everyone of your many arguments all in a hilarious manner
  7. Great to hear! Hope it helps you with your goals for 2012!
  8. hey, was just wondering how your weight loss and muscle gain goals are coming along?
    always see you posting good advice on the fitness forum btw
  9. Merry Christmas
  10. Tink tink tink

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