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  1. Your sig is amazing
  2. Hi

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  3. yeh you too... hey how low do you think they're willing to go? abc... bbc... uuu hahaha. also have u applied for accommodation? i wanted to apply for sols n marl but apparently they were full... so end up with westwood
  4. How would you 'classify' your music taste? Mine's good-to-dance-to-but-with-meaningful-lyrics-where-you-can-hear-the-words
    Ahh, sorry if that seemed rude.. Have you always lived there?
  5. i dont think ill get the third grade.... no way.. physics ahhhhhhhhhhh

    hey are you doing edexcel for chem?
  6. hey how are the exams going.... do you know how over subscribed bath is for chem eng?? because i dont think i will make my offer..eeeeeeek lol
  7. Oops, sorry :L Meh, it's cool to find someone who has similar tastes, most of my friends are into 'heavier' stuff. Thank you! It's not even that great to dance to..
    Cool! What's it like? Never been, and I think I have it in my head that any of the islands are the same as the Isle of Wight..
  8. Not my usual style but I kind of liked it.. I like music where the lyrics have some kind of meaning Dubstep just makes no sense..

    Have you seen Jimmy Eat World live? I only really go to local bands, this is my first music festival Not really a fan of Muse. Have to confess I only really know 'Supermassive Black Hole' cuz it was all over the radio..
  9. Not heard that, shall have to have a listen if our tastes are so similar :L
    Stupid friends. Ahem.

    Yes! Fellow Reading-goer here, Taking Back Sunday/Jimmy Eat World are probably the ones I'm most looking forward to...
  10. Ahaha, sorry I only just saw that message..
    Same to you then obviously :P what's the third?

    Almost saw Frank Turner live and then lost my ticket :'( x

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