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  1. How about a woman? :P
  2. I tired of it pretty soon. It is too big. But I'm still here!
  3. Hey mo!
  4. hey m8 hope you're well.

    ps follow me on twitter k bye
  5. Oh no! I have a couple of friends who've done those exams and also found them a real slog. I believe in you though! :rave:
    Looking forward to hearing your stamp review.
  6. How's the studying going? what were you doing again?
    School is going really well, it's just all rather hectic. Small children have so much energy so you don't stop all day! Yes it's a new school year, it just starts a couple of weeks before the UK one, and finishes earlier in the summer as well to make the most of the light!
    Which is the best stamp?
  7. Hi Mockel. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your message. I have been very busy at work what with the new term starting and things.
    My favourite moments were obviously getting to be in London and just experiencing the atmosphere and Mo Farah winning his 2nd gold. I was jumping up and down at that!
  8. I feel the same, it was so great to have been able to go to an Olympic event! I went to see the men's -105kg class in weightlifting. It was really good, but we were slightly disappointed as the 2 big names we had hoped to see pulled out What else did you get to see and what was your highlight of the games?
  9. Awww! How nice. Funnily enough, I saw some table tennis on TV and thought of you.
  10. No I couldn't get any tickets! Might be able to find something for this week though. I've spent the past week watching it on TV though!

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