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  1. really silly username
  2. So, I'm really interested to why you want to gain so much weight. I'm a 5'9" female who weighs 140lbs, and this is healthy weight. So, 119lbs seems to be very underweight to me - I don't know if you have any other problems or if it's your metabolism you're worried about.
    Anyway, please, don't get all angry with me. I could probably help if you tell me, I know a lot about this stuff - also don't feel you have to reply.
  3. Hi! I'm in year 12.. but high five to a fellow aspiring medic :P
  4. Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one hahaa, I thhought I had to go to the doctor's or something to get it checked out. And, phhewww, I thought year 11 was going to be really hard work and a massive change; atleast I can just relax and live things through knowing that it shouldn't be too different. I'm procrastinating so much now, I just can't be 'bothered' most of the time and it's doing my head in!
    I won't keep my eye of the prize!

    Thank you soo much!
  5. Hey!
    Things are fine now but recently I've been feeling like **** and really really tired.. dunno why, I haven't really done much lol
    And yeap, I still want to be a medic
    I've still got a lot to do since I'm only in year 10 but we'll see how it goes.
  6. :yep: I'm a pure blooded one at that :pierre:
  7. No, Y12 wbu? :P
  8. Hahah Well Thankyou! I like yours too Wonder why???
  9. Good to hear How is it going work experience/volunteering wise?

    I'm fine, busy dreading Jan results :eek: how do you think you did?
  10. *high five*
    GTA: San Andreas :coma:

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