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  1. Mr M
    No I'm sorry.
  2. Mr M
    which ones? i have loads of them
  3. Oops sorry, thanks for reminding me. They have confirmed receiving my interview slip, but Robinson gives each of it's applicants a personal admissions status page which we check for these details. For example this is what it says on mine:

    (Original post by Robinson College)
    Applicant Identifier: ***********

    Thank you for your application and sending us the following:

    •interview confirmation slip (received 16-Nov-10)
    •request for accommodation (received 17-Nov-10) and your room will be available after 3pm
    •request for evening meal (received 17-Nov-10) and confirmed
    •request for breakfast (received 17-Nov-10) and confirmed
    I don't know if this is how all the colleges do it, you should contact your respect college for more details.
  4. No I didn't...

    Revision's fallen a bit through since my Imperial interview last Wednesday I really need to build up momentum again for the next week. Luckily school's cancelled today and probably for the next couple of days, so I have time at my disposal!
  5. 3) The general interview. This is what won me my place. As it is with a non-subject tutor it will not be technical. I would recommend reading some engineering books which interest you. For example everyone seems to read the new science of strong materials but you may find this boring (I did!) and the main thing is enthusiasm! I had rebuilt a landrover which i was clearly enthusiastic about and discussed my flight on concorde. So find a couple of non-academic engineering interests you can get really
    into and enthusiastic about! Finally do make sure you have answer to the standard why cambridge, why this college etc.
  6. There's 3 of key areas to focus on which if I'd know before it could have been easier!
    1) Academic. This is the big area I missed out on. Your likely to have 2 or 3 interviews, two of which will be academic. They contain some basic physics but the main thing is lots of maths. Are you doing further maths? They will ask you tricky questions so make sure your onto of it all, mainly mechanics and the pure/further pure. Trig is popular.
    2) TSA. Most colleges use this test. If you are not doing critical thinking as an AS i would recommend having a look at the content. The TSA mainly consists of logic questions which you can't really get better at but then there's some about arguments and their components which is covered under Critical Thinking.
  7. You can call them if you want, but I really can't see why my only interview would be with a PhysNatSci tutor if that wasn't the entry route they've put me down for
  8. Yep Nolan on December 7th.

    My preparation's going okay, bit of a scramble to finish my wider reading. Don't want to bore you with the typical applicant rants, but now that it's here it's really freaking me out :-( I feel so ****ing nervous, everythin I worked for in Senior School was in pursuit of a place at a top university.
  9. mmhdgd
    aha. me too . are you being interview by nolan on december the 7th? how is your prepration going?
  10. AFAIK you're put down automatically for Physical Nat Sci if you're applying for ChemEng via Nat.Sci. I never selected the Bio or Phys route for Nat Sci during my Cambridge application but my interview letter has me down as being interviewed for Physical Nat Sci.

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