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  1. OMG stats is soooo confusing. Yeah its good
  2. Its ok thanks hun hows everything with you?
  3. I cant remember if I told you -I got in!
  4. It was on priming. I carried out my own experiment and then my EPQ project was basically my report with abstract, methodology, results, discussion, etc.
  5. Aha I see. I should be okay, I think. I've 9A*s, 5 As at GCSEs, 5 As at AS-Level and I'm predicted 4 A*s for A2, along with A* for my EPQ based on psychology as well as an A for General Studies As-Level (although that doesn't really count xD). So I'm fine grades-wise, it's just whether they like me or not x)
  6. Hm, yeah. It'll probably be my insurance as well. I'm still shocked at how late you got your psychology questionnaire. Sounds like an extremely long wait.. And you had amazing grades as well D:
  7. Oh myyy.. I'm going to have to learn to be extremely patient. I'm having to stick to London unis because of some issues relating to parents, so my choices are UCL, Royal Holloway, Queen Mary, City and Goldsmiths. I've got offers from RHUL and Goldsmiths already.
  8. Nope But my application was only received on the 21st of October, so I guess I'm going to have to wait for quite a while longer.. When did you get yours?
  9. Aha, amazing! Yes I am. I think I stand a pretty good chance grade wise, and my personal statement was decent as well (I think), but I feel so nervous about whether I'd get an offer
  10. Hey, I read somewhere that you are a UCL psychology student. May I ask what grade you were predicted/what you actually got/etc?

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