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  1. Ah I was looking at North Hill Court but I couldn't find out what anyone had said about it as I don't think it's quite as popular as others! What accomodation do you think is the best in terms of cheapness/quality/being pretty sociable?

    Haha tbh on my interview day some guy was like, "Dear God, I am really regretting standing next to this radiatior, it's absolutely stifling!" and when I asked him if Leeds was his firm he just replied, "Well, UCL rejected me so." and I just found it hilarious! Until he started being rude to the current students acting like he knew everything already and shunning their help which was when I started to think he possessed some knobbish qualities!

    I think that by the time I get to uni after my gap year I'll be all partied out so I'll feel the same, aha, I'm already getting pretty grannyish and have only been clubbing once in my 3 months of being 18! I've heard some horror stories about the nightlife as well, like creepy locals etc but coming from London I'm not that unaccustomed to weirdos on nights out ¬_¬...

    Ah Medieval Lit sounds really interesting! I actually really liked studying Chaucer this year, most people I've talked to see it as the torturous option!

    What did you do on your gap year apart from work in a supermarket i'm guessing? aha, I need to start planning mine!

    Overall do you think you've enjoyed your experience though? Do you know anyone that's completely hated it/found it difficult to make friends or anything?

    Thanks again!
  2. Haha really! Well, Sebastian Faulks is hardly Prince Charles so I'll let Leeds off for that! Well I'm glad I didn't speak about Birdsong in my interview like I was going to then, would have looked like a right bumlick!
    Yeah the lack of communal space is something that worried me about Lupton! (even though i've also heard it's really social!) I've heard it's pretty partyish but also isolated like you said! Reading a lot is pretty isolating in itself so I'd probably like a more social halls, but Lupton's so cheap! Where else would you recommend to live?
    I'm glad you recommend the department!! It looked great when I went but it's good to hear nice things about it from current students!
    Has there been anything that you haven't liked so far then? haha I didn't want the 'rah' rep to put me off, but when people on here make out that every 3rd person is walking around saying 'I chundered, everywhere!' then it does make you think twice! Especially when everyone tells you that subjects like English are hotspots for them!
    Also, a lot of people are saying the nightlife at Leeds is 'mental'...not sure if this is a good thing or not tbh! I, myself am partial to a bit of clubbing, but I think by the time I get to uni (taking a gap year first) i'm thinking that all this partying/going 'mental' will tire me out aha!
  3. Hey, I'm looking to firm English and Theatre Studies at Leeds, and at accomodation in Lupton so wondered if you could tell me the good and bad points of it? How you've found uni life so far academically and socially? Is fresher's week just a massive blur of making friends that doesn't really continue after that once people have secured into their own little cliques? Or are most people pretty down to earth and up for a chat all the time?
    I've heard a lot of rumours about the 'rah' reputation, but I was thinking that by choosing the cheapest accomodation I'd probably be avoiding that brigade, aha, do you agree with the rumours?
    Sorry for the bombardment of questions, just thought it would be especially great if you could help me out!
    Thanks if you can help x
  4. Hi,

    I am currently doing govt & pol with ocr - political ideologies. is it possible, because you have done the same units, you could give me some resources for unit F854 and F856.

  5. Sounds Great!

    Pretty excited now, hope it lends me the motivation to get the grades! :P

    Thanks for all the info, very much appreciated By the sounds of it, if I do manage to get to Leeds, then I'm in for a treat! hehe
  6. Yeah I like a bit of reading now and again and also a bit of gaming too! hehe
    Ah really? thats reassuring I can imagine a language is hard to teach and to learn so i hope it would be taught well of course.

    I am finding myself veering away from out-of-campus accommodation, primarily because of the distance and because I'm lazy

    Oh by the way, how do you find the city of Leeds? I've never lived in a city, and come to think of it, I haven't visited many! in the UK at least..
  7. Ah right, to be honest I think it's more reading books that I don't enjoy that I object to, but I suppose you have to gain a perspective I can definately see the appeal though, I'm doing it in A2 and I have would say English is my go-to subject

    I've applied for Italian ab initio and Politics - I am constantly asked if I want to be an Italian politician! And according to a professor of politics, he has never known anyone to do this combination, so I consider myself special in that sense The Italian bit came about quite randomly, one day the thought occurred to me that I might regret not learning a language after uni and so I said 'hey, why not!'

    OK, yeah I'll have to look into the gym membership - though, looking at self-catered accommodation today, it seems that some are 2/3 miles off campus but have their own gyms So won't really know what to do until I decide on where I would like to go
  8. I can only imagine; I originally planned to do English literature at uni but decided against it in the end - mostly due to (exaggerated I'm sure) articles and such claiming that the degree ws so demanding in terms of reading that there would be no time to have a social life! By the sounds of it, I'm sure this isn't the case for you, but that thought scared me a bit

    Yeah, I think if anything, I'll use studentbeans for the occasional cheap recipe and just for a laugh - many funny top-10s and other student-related info which I find quite amusing

    I'll take your word for it, I probably will go for the proper membership then because (I say this now ) I reckon I will go quite often - especially with the amount of money thats been put into it! Seems a shame to let it go to waste Is the free membership quite restricted then?

    I hope I'm not encouraging procrastination, I feel bad enough doing it for myself, let alone dragging other people into it
  9. Wow, that is a pretty significant portion.. I suppose the free first-year Edge membership also makes most Leeds uni accommodation a little bit more expensive than the competition?
    Have you heard of the web site: studentbeans? I stumbled across it recently and it provides various money-saving tips in all aspects, but I was wondering how reliable it is with regards to feasible options for meals -it suggests things like rissoto and spaghetti bolognaise so I guess these are quite economical options?

    Sorry to hear about the illness, I assume you're OK now?
  10. I take it that's expensive? It sounds it, but what do I know - still sorting out student finances atm
    On that note, being at Lupton - you say its quite cheap? does this mean you have more money free to spend on food etc ? By the way how much do you typically spend a week on food, i assume its a limited budget you set yourself aside?

    Thanks for the heads-up on Bodington, I definately would not appreciate being such a distance from the campus and object to the idea of travelling by bus every morning

    Sorry for the barrage of questions - I'm all to keen and eager, though I should probably save it till when I take my A2 exams

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