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  1. Hey,

    I know your post was from ages ago, but if you could send me some critic quotations on Faustus and Paradise Lost Book 1 (if the offer's still on the table) it would be great!

  2. That's... because I haven't been to a single lecture this semester.
  3. 'Sup loser. I haven't been on this forum in an age. Are you taking Criminal Evidence this year?
  4. Hey, I was trying to look for some help for an essay on Dr Faustus and Paradise Lost and I stumbled upon your thread from 2010, and I was just wondering if your offer of sending people critical quotes was still on the table? It would be much appreciated
  5. Hi, im tsitting the exam next week. If you could send me some of the critics quotes it will be much appreciated!
  6. Hello, please could you help me out! I am studying Paradise Lost and Dr Faustus for A2 and it would be really helpful if you would be able to send me the critic quotes you said you had.

    Thank you!
  7. Hi, are you really a writer for Eastenders?
  8. hey
  9. I've heard of the book Fallen, but wasn't aware there was a mini-series about it. Is it any good? Why choose slytherin, Ravenclaw is cooler -- they are blue :cool:
  10. Could i please possibly get the code for forever 21 too? It would be a massive favour as i was recently searching online for it and would love to order a few items!


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