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  1. i need help with german :rolleyes:
  2. When I saw you, something started slytherin.

  3. LOL at the chat up line below , i thought it couldnt get worse.

    anyway heres my attempt since everyone else is

    I'll get straight to the point. you're hot
  4. u belong to me not slytherin
  5. haha yeah i knew chances were kinda slim, worth a try. thanks anyway
  6. hi i know this is kinda a year late, but i'm doing paradise lost/faustus like you were and was wondering if you still had those critics quotes you were offering in
    the exams kinda tomorrow so its kinda last minute i know..
  7. Sorry for long reply haha, thanks I take it you moved into a house for second year then or something? I have a few/lot of other questions if you get bored feel free to not answer them all haha basically..was clive booth your first choice of accommodation?/how many people do you know who didnt get one of their first choices? also..on the website it says cheney has underbed you know anyone you could ask about that (what that consists of i.e a space or drawers etc) and whether you could ask anyone about the possibility of locking cupboards/did people/were they allowed to keep mini fridges in their rooms? And it says people arent allowed to bring furniture....would that icnlude little plastic draws to put under a desk for extra storage? It would really help me out Thankyouu
  8. Hey i just wondered if you were still at oxford brookes and if so whether you could possibly help me out with these two:
    do you know which accommodation (if any) allows mini fridges?
    and which you can lock/buy a lock for kitchen cupboards (if any)?

  9. Hai. You added me but I'm not sure who you are :mmm:
  10. Oh hey homo, hows easter going?

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