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  1. what are the jobs/employment opportuntities like for Russian speakers?
  2. Thanks for your detailed reply.

    Im quite into my photography, thats why Moscow appeals to me so much.

    As far as living in Russia goes, I don't know if I could stick the extreme cold, also Moscow is incredibly expensive.

    There is a stereotype that Russians are rude, did you ever find that?

    I think Russian is a beautiful sounding language.
  3. Hello there

    I noticed on one of your posts you mentioned about living in Russia for a while. I am fascinated by Russia, I would love to visit Russia someday and learn the language.

    How was your time in Russia?
    Whereabouts in Russia were you based?

  4. I would say not being detained is a win! I'm sorry things aren't very good. Always here if you need to chat. Even if it's not really really bad. I'm here anytime. Umm I don't think so. Thank you. Once I have a job, and I have money, and I've bought me and my girlfriend a kitty, it's on my to do list
  5. Hey stranger. Thanks for the rep. I can't rep you. Bad times. How's things?
  6. Bradford at present - If you're happy kipping on a sofa then yes.
  7. Not a bad idea, although where I'll find the time... Steampunking next saturday, teaching people to drink on the sunday then the following Saturday I'm going to York for a christmas party. Unless you fancy coming over for the steampunk market or chrimble party?
  8. Been very busy :sadnod: Pretty much all my non-lecture time is spent working in the studio at uni. Far too much work.
  9. Aw so cute. I know what you mean, my cat stops whatever he was doing everytime I get the camera. :hmpf: Which intelligence toys did you get them?
  10. Very good. Time to borrow Rob's camera too.

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