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  1. Hi Riderz

    I read in a ship brokering thread that you're into ag commodities, which is exactly the thing I want to get into. How did you get into the industry if you don't mind me asking
  2. repped for TATW
  3. don't forget about the competition riderz. you need to sign up ASAP by the instructions. it should take around 10 minutes, but you dont need to start trading straight away

  4. Hey riderz,

    CAn you please follow my pm instructions and sign up to the competition ASAP?


  5. asl
  6. Hey!
    You answered on the 'BSc A&F or Management' Thread. Thanks for your reply.
    Do you think A&F will be better for IB and Management will be better for consulting?

    I am not really sure if I should go into IB or consulting. I am very good at maths, but I also love to talk to people directly.
    Of course, the salary after graduating is also a small factor, which I want to consider.
    Which of these courses would you suggest for someone like me?

  7. Sorry for the recent neg, I was trying to rep the post - sausage fingers, iPhone, bad combination...
  8. Lantana
    You still selling your grips, as I'd love them if you do as my hands are getting colder with each passing day!

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