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  1. Hey, this may sound a bit weird, but I've been stalking all the Peterhouse essay comp threads, and saw you one a few years back. I was wondering if you still have your essay, and, if you do, if I could see it? I was interested in seeing what the standard of winning entries is, so I can see if there's any point me entering tbh. My school knows nothing about it, so there's not much help there. Again, I know that's a bit weird, but I promise it's not to cheat or anything!
  2. I've been pretty good, I can't remember when we last spoke but I don't think I've done anything particularly interesting since then. Nothing to report.

    :hugs: I hope the rough times are completely past now and that everything goes smoothly from now on.
  3. I've been good! I haven't seen you around on here for a long time. How have you been?

    Also, I see from the comment below that I should be congratulating you on your Cambridge offer. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  4. A Light Lilt
    Congratulations on Cambridge :-)
  5. Best of luck now! May the postman shine upon you and deliver your letter!

    ...and may that letter contain an offer too!
  6. Peterhouse is lovely (oldest college, right?), and I expect the deer park played quite a big part of lots of applicants' decisions to apply there . Ah OK, taking a gap year is never a bad thing, as long as you do well in your A2s! I reapplied after Oxford rejected me last year, and I don regret it at all - I have time to do lots of writing as well as working, and I definitely feel like I'll be more mature and motivated when I start in October. If you do decide to reapply (hopefully you won't have to!) and have any questions, send me a PM .

    Ooh, I could never look at Heidegger the same way after finding out he was part of the Nazi party. Yes, you too! I really hope you get in
  7. Same as for me :teehee: What thread are you talking about? :nothing:
  8. I went for Trinity Hall in the end - it seemed so friendly and intimate. How about you? Oh wow, well done!! Knowing you have offers from great unis must make you less stressful, right?

    I'm feeling the same as you! :P Although my interviews didn't go as well as I had hoped; they asked me a bunch of really esoteric questions about the subconscious. So yeah, I think it's best to prepare for a rejection. I'm going to send myself a rejection email tomorrow so that I'm not disappointed on Friday. (Is that weird? I don't know anymore - my Cam app has made me go crazy hehe)
  9. Yeah I figured it out. I'm not surprised you don't remember much other than the name, we never talked that much :teehee:

    I should have realised it was you from the avatar.
  10. You know I just spent 5 minutes working out who you are after your name appeared in my friends list when I was checking my profile and I was like :beard:

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