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  1. Hey
  2. any special reason for the neg? Which i dutifully returned dont worry
  3. I don't think I can discuss details.

  4. I was reprimanded (again), and then told basically it's one more wrong move and I will be banned from H&R. I lost it a bit and vowed never to return...hence the thread.
  5. Hi, yes I left, but I was back within the hour, I couldn't keep away. I have to reply here because one wrong move in Health and Relationships and I will be banned. I don't want to be accused of making spammy/irrelevant posts in the sacred H&R forums.
  6. Butthurt that you're not my type? :rolleyes:
  7. Thank you for your contribution to my thread 'The restyling of the site'. Unfortunately and most rage-makingly, the moderators saw fit to close it. I am appreciative also of the fact that you agreed with the general sentiment I was making.

    Have a nice day.

    Yours faithfully,
  8. I fail to see the flaw in my post at, care to explain?
  9. Thanks for the rep.
  10. GREAT meeting you at Math-soc today Let me know if you want to go other that exponentials assignment one evening, i'm free most weekends

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