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  1. Like that matters.
  2. spricket24 teheheheehe, have you seen her nudies?
  3. Your sig gave me a good laugh :')
  4. Have you found your username?
  5. God the girl in your sig is hot! Even if a bit insane. I keep watching it
  6. welllllllll.....everything here has been the best days of my life!i can't believe you can stay away for so long in plymouth!!!i just can't choose the best from all of!

    ha, i know civil is hard but you will eventually make it..chemical isn't that easy too u know.i think i will have to be real serious once i go to uni..
  7. hell yeah i am having funnnnn!!!!!lol,i have around 3weeks hea so i am just trying to make most of it!

    how's civil engineering?lol...its hard huh?
  8. heyyyyy,what's new?anything happened?
  9. It's how the country bumpkins roll. I think they like their town smelling of poop. Makes them feel at home. Weirdoes

    Girls always look better with long hair. Theres a few that get away with emo style short hiar + fringe (like Justin Bieber :unimpressed). Birthday was crummy

    I let it grow but trim it occationally and shampoo three times a week. I like having lots of hair.

    Have to go now, but will reply properly 2mo. Have a good evening!
  10. how do u keep ur hair?

    just curious..

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