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Each book was a world unto itself, and in it I took refuge.

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  1. Finally realised I had MONEY ( :ahee: ) so went to your JustGiving page but it crashed just after I entered my card details. Waiting for confirmation that it didn't go through, before I try again xxxxxx
  2. Thank you!!!
  3. Sorry for responding so late.

    Indeed it can. It's mostly left me though, though I appear to have anxiety in its absence. Indeed

    I hope you're okay
  4. You're not very smart are you?

    You haven't even delved into these statistics one bit. Those rape cases are not broken down at all, its blanket figure and tell me this, do you even follow the news?

    I could bring up a dozen cases where men were falsely convicted of rape but these are included in this report as "convictions"

    And then you have the ones which are thrown out, no word about them eh? FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

    And lets not go into detail where these rapes are not even catalogued into instances committed by male students on female students. Logic failure.

    Buyers remose is never included in these statistics, I wonder why.

    Rape is being downplayed all the time these days. i wonder why.

    When you start moving the goalposts of what constitutes rape, you will find elss and less people able to process the thought of actual rape.

    You ahve no idea what you're doing and are completely focussed on this dissertation from an emotional standpoint. You're compromised and cannot set apart fact from fiction created by your own mind and those on huffington post and jezebel.

    This is the last time I respond to you, you're dillusional and I have better things to do with ym time.
  5. You're as dillusional as I first thought.

    Feminist: Check!
    Writing dissertation on rape culture aka LAD culture where men have sex with women who regret it the next day - CHECK

    Not based on real facts and findings- CHECK

    Watering down what rape is and who commits it: CHECK! (Your son will suffer from this)

    Similar lines of thought based on the US college administration. Heavy breathing is now classed as "rapey" in 4 institutions recently.

    I could demolish your dissertation and false rape claims with enough facts to roll you into another degree and beyond but you wont give a **** because I am a man and in your eyes men are evil.

    Keep believing men are rapists dear, your son/(s) will real what you sow
  6. Pleased to have been of service
  7. Thought it might
  8. This is all you need for your future pusscat gifs - amazing
    Be warned, its 31 pages long.... procrastination alert!
  9. No worries.
    Your story was touching and I identified with much of it down to using c25k. Best of luck with everything! :hugs:
  10. Done :yep:

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