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Each book was a world unto itself, and in it I took refuge.

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  1. do you get paid for being on TSR may I ask?
  2. I know i should ask in ask the moderator but I'll be grateful if you can tell me. Is telling someone to 'man up' as joke on tsr gets you a warning?
  3. Thanks for the follow.
  4. I think I've been watching too many cat videos today...

    Ah well, what else is there to do when you've finished exams?
  5. Yeah, I just love Russian Blues - they're adorable, and have the sweetest personalities
  6. I think it's probably a good thing that my cat gifs are limited, as otherwise there'd be hundreds


    I might be getting a kitten soon (either Devon Rex, Russian Blue, Bengal or similar), hence why I'm slightly obsessed at the moment, ahah
  7. Tehehee, thankyou

    I would have had more, but there's a limit to coding in sigs

    It seems there are 2 opinions on my signature:
    It's either loved or hated.

    I've even had posts/messages/PMs from people asking me to remove it, ahahaa...
  8. Hey,

    Oh thanks! Haha I didn't really think that it was a great thread I just wanted some advice so I wouldn't end up wasting my time watching rubbish films.

    I feel so special being included on the New on TSR widget!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Hey. I'm having a few problems with the health and beauty forum, and I see you are a moderator of it, so hopefully you can help. I basically tried to make the same thread (with poll) twice...and on both occasions, it didn't get published into the forum. I'm not sure why this is happening, at first I thought it was awaiting moderation but it's been two days so that may not be the case!

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    English Language Student at Glasgow. Took Year Abroad in Calgary, Canada.
    Love life. Love books. Love chocolate. Love God.
    Just ask.

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