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Each book was a world unto itself, and in it I took refuge.

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  1. omdz mario kart!!! i love that game so bad at it tho...the wii confuses me lol
    that woudl be awesome...ur moving into a flat with mates in 2nd year yh?
  2. i love these emoticons i dunno how to do em lol...
    yh guitar hero is so much fun makes me think im pro or something :P
  3. ohh i thought u were gonna say because of guitar hero the game lol ...they always make playing instruments easy...its soo hard!
  4. i cant believe school life is almost over!!
    wow the cello thats hard!...haha guitar just sounds cool ...yh i wish i learnt a specific instrument from a young age wouldve been better :P
  5. hahah omdz i cant believe i have to consider the stuff i buy at supermarkets lol....i guess i can probs keep it up first term n then become lazy like u did lol
    haha ive done that...i bought a flute and then i just stopped playing...ive forgotten everything and ive had it for years now and have no idea how to play it...
  6. hahaha yh money but tbh i dont drink so most money goes on that init and im usually really good with money but i guess i dunno how much i will be spending in uni...
    hahaha u bought a guitar and festival tickets in the smae week! y did u buy a guitar? u play it?
  7. hahah ok imma have to do somethign similar keep a balance.... :P
  8. yh should do guessing u just partied all year :P
  9. hahhaa i hope i dont party too much i need to work lool
  10. yh true plus its london shud be good :P

    i hate the weather tho

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    Love life. Love books. Love chocolate. Love God.
    Just ask.

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