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  1. hi there! saw your post on the kings college post, do you still have your personal statement by any chance? since you got in id love to see it to see what the admissions is looking for thanks!!!
  2. Merry (belated) Christmas and happy new year! :awesome:

    Not that you deserve it
  3. When the situation demands it, yes

    Alright, I'll put in the post now :awesome: Oh, I mean...I don't know your...address :ninja: High standards. Always with the high standards
  4. That's because you rarely deserve it

    I saved you a slice Means I passed both then :smug:
  5. :console: They can also make things better :sexface:

    Then did I pass the test? Or was I just bluffing? :beard: :holmes: For me? You shouldn't have! :kiss:

    That's blowing the candles. Don't get the wrong idea
  6. Your face is a killjoy :smug:

    Elementary, my dear Aeterno. Elementary :holmes: My birthday was on Tuesday :awesome: Why didn't you check the TSR birthdays every day this week
  7. The honeymoon period was over a long time ago, sweetcheeks :naughty:

    I know exactly where I stand :sad:, playing along is more fun though :sexface:
  8. Do I look convinced :indiff:

    You're an average liar at best :holmes: Not sure if that's an insult, or a come on :beard:
  9. That's not a legitimate come back :indiff:

    Lying has never been your strongest quality If i do that, what use do I have for you? :smug:
  10. No you didn't

    That's what they all say. Behind the screen you were definitely all ':mmm:' Verbally, anyway :smug:

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