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  1. :top2: It's more fun to antijoke everything rather than be charming :mmm:

    Your fault for feeling so good :sexface: Might not have been the best time to say, 'guess what I learned off Derren Brown!' :holmes:
  2. It's designed to make you come back stronger! :awesome: Like chlamydia :indiff:

    Just the tip, baby. Just the tip :teeth: Even Superman has to power down sometimes. Besides, what happened to you making up the difference?
  3. 'Trying' being the key word :indiff:

    Just the tip? :teeth: Forgot to mention my split personality. Sometimes I'm less brilliant, sometimes I'm more brilliant. You'd be sharing me with me :holmes:
  4. My CV's already good. Out of 10 it got rated 'bad ass' :indiff:

    Why not :holmes: Me, of course :awesome: Not that I care
  5. What do I get out of this? :smug:

    About damn time. Last time you complained about the slippery slope approach :mmm: I'm true to my word. You can share with me :flutter: Or at the very least I'd consider
  6. Complaining won't help the problem :teeth:

    I'd have let go eventually. I just enjoy the struggle :ninja: So you share with anyone then
  7. Now you're trying to rape me? :beard:


    In all fairness, I was, y'know, choking you Are you one to share with anyone? :zomg:
  8. I could do with being in a steady stream of deep sleep :sad:

    Thought as much :indiff: You said you liked the choking thing No, I just don't idly share with people :holmes:
  9. Believing in the Matrix or Inception theory, it's always my dream :smug:

    Care to explain :holmes: It was part of the role play, dammit. You have to commit otherwise it loses all meaning You know it :sexface: I'm afraid Irrelevance shares with no one ::naughty:
  10. You mean, pe-rsistantly correct :smug:

    I thought you were being quirky. Not literal I even told all my friends, 'And then she says she changes her mind every five seconds! Dreamy sigh'. At least I'll go through with it unlike some people :indiff: Won't be so mini on your birthday :sexface: As for glow in the dark, well, it is your birthday

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