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  1. Hi,

    In one of the threads you mention that you have chosen to study an MA in International Peace and Security at King's in 2011. I am now trying to decide between either this programme or PPE at York and was just wandering if you could give me some info on the course from your experience? Things like whether the actual structure delivered on what it set out, internship opportunities during the year or employment chances once you've graduated?

    Thanks a lot in advance. It would be great if you replied as any insider info would help me greatly in reaching a decision.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hello,
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  3. Congratulations.

    You're basically everything I've ever wanted.
  4. yo, how's it going?
  5. You use way too many smileys! Means it takes years for the page to load. :|
  6. VanillaTwilight
    Hiiii fellow WR fan ... I've decided since I have soooo much spare time to start watching WR from series 1 .. I only started watching it half way through series 3 so I may aswell start right at the beginning haha.
  7. VanillaTwilight
    Sorry for the immensely late reply! Got caught up in exams, and kinda ditched coming on here haha.

    I know right!!!!! Was it not Lorraine Donagon that was a supply teacher in like series 3 or something :confused:

    I can't wait till the next series! I quite like Chalky! I remember when he used to **** at teaching and that caretaker guy had to help him haha!

    How's your exams going? (That's if you have any )
  8. Why must you talk to yourself like that

    You know it, sugar pie :sexface: Even if you are a Midlander/Southerner
  9. I could provide you with a list :yy: just bands like streetlight manifesto, reel big fish, boy and bear, frank turner, mumford etc

    That depends - RDJ and Jude Law, or Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman?
    Also, which of us gets to be Holmes?
  10. Only because logic is lost on you womenfolk :smug:

    Au contraire :sexface:

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