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  1. VanillaTwilight
    (I was wondering that too haha! Was so confused as I was sure that I wrote that to you :P haha)

    I know, it was! Bit stupid that episode was... still need to watch this week's one now! I skipped right till the end cause I read the stuff on the WR thread, what a random way to end it!!!!!!!

    I live near Glasgow, and I'm so tempted to go out to Greenock and see if they're still filming just to see whose there haha.
  2. In some capacities, your one dimensionality is overpowering In others, you're all three :sexface:

    It doesn't cost to talk :smug: You should know Appropriate company pending, of course :holmes:
  3. VanillaTwilight
    Haha, sorry! I had it disabled before, then took me a while to get it back .

    I'm watching last weeks episode of WR now, cause I think I deserve a break after the last 24 hours!
  4. In some ways

    At least they're friendly :gah: Phallic object. How predictable :indiff:
  5. VanillaTwilight
    We really do need to stop going off topic in threads haha, so I thought I'd leave you a message here instead .

    Haha that's the plan! After I get these lab reports out the way, going to catch up on WR and TA, and then start studying for exams!

    I know right! I left these reports right until the last minute which isn't a good idea . Ahhhh cool, well good luck for it anyway .. I hated French at school haha.
  6. Which is, ironically, the best

    I'm suggesting women do it disproportionately like they're working for tips Use your imagination :sexface:
  7. Why do you always have to make things so bad

    People as in women :holmes: There goes that effect again
  8. I think we know who the real liar is here :ninja:

    By using the word 'more', you have implied that there is already a base of mindgames to be added to. Tough cheese No accountability. So typical. Yet so endearing :daydreaming:
  9. :hmmm: Yes, really. I am ****ing brilliant. See? :smug:

    Admitting you play mind games is a start :holmes: Can't rely on you for anything :huff:
  10. I was being sarcastic :sexface: Honesty never hurt anybody :awesome:

    We men have to adapt to the mindgames womenfolk employ I can't remember what I was trying to implausibly explain. It's been a long week :emo:

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