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  1. It was quite a provocative thread to be honest, lot a lot of negs :L but thank you for your genuine concern it was an excellent case study
  2. I really dont see why you felt the need to post that- your input was completely unnecessary, but thanks for your ermm concern
  3. Cool story.
  4. Thanx sweetie xx
  5. Amazing sig is amazing!
  6. Hmm seems pretty boring, drama i mean. Probably a semester or two of theater and drama history would be interesting but i don't see anyone staying interested in it for 3 whole years As for the internet thingy it's a good plan ^^ As for my choices of degrees let's just say i enjoy doing a lot of things and i like to learn from everything so i figured that management would be good since i could go into whatever industry i feel like. and the publishing thing is more because of the transfer from written to digital media and i always like to combine designing with editing and marketing so it's a bit of everything and in my country you can't do combined degrees or such degrees, you have plain management at the economics academy ...which is boringgg like hell ^.^ even drama would be more interesting than that
  7. i'm in my final year and planning on going for business mangement combined with publishing media. I also have an offer for criminology and psychology but i'd want a placement year also how is a drama degree i mean what do u learn? And why didnt u try switching off ur pc to take advantage of ur sleeping problems
  8. Oww...that means u have a really hard time getting to early lectures...but at least you don't fall asleep during revision *joke*
  9. Don't mind me asking but you do realize you are about the only english person on tsr at this hour except 2-3 other ppl^.^ shouldn't you be sleeping
  10. No problem, and I'm doing a degree in TV, Film & Theatre at the University of Reading

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