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  1. Hah yes. Looool vomit! You have great taste in music.
  2. Shock & horror! It must be the end of the world? :innocent: :giggle:
  3. You're funny :fluffy:
  4. You are the one retarded thanks!!! Do1
  5. Sorry accidental neg!
  6. Interesting discussion sir.
  7. You're a sick, sick boy Steezy!

    I'mma put air in a bag and charge Jill to breathe haha!
  8. That just made me laugh so hard.

    Does this make me a horrible person? Possibly.
  9. He definately is gonna bang doe.....

    Like chicken, but are you gonna nando?
  10. Hmm not sure, its somewhat ambiguous as to his actual intentions, do you not think?

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    I like live music (mainly jazz, soul, funk, hip hop), student house parties, smokey rooms with lots of friends, playing football, random missions, nature, watching animals, being outside, eating healthy (or just how you're sposed to eat), feeling good, drinking beer with my Dad, smoking weed with my sister, scary films, Skate (the game), Halloween, Summer in beer gardens or along the river, Winter drinking Guinness with a big coat, I seem to love the smell of winter.... Not sure what it is, brings back memories. Being myself, hating conformism with a passion, being truthful to myself & everyone around me (gets me in trouble sometimes though), musical jams with friends, not taking anything too seriously unless it needs to be taken seriously, nature programs with David Attenborough, Deep films, beautiful music, spicy food, energetic friends.
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